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As the title suggests, this website is a complete guide on how to use Chinese characters to write the English language.  The user from the outset must clearly understand this point because the layman's stereotypical misunderstanding conflates this system with the construction of an entirely new and bona fide language.  That is to say, the content of this online reference is not a constructed language in the tradition of, for example, Volapük, Esperanto, or Ido. Rather, what is presented here is strictly an orthographic system, one that will enable the knowledgeable user to read a string of Chinese characters and read aloud a perfectly formulated spoken English sentence on the basis of what is functionally—though not technically—a one-to-one graphical-spoken correspondence.  

The full spectrum of this system exists as a series of interlocking intersections across multiple linguistic and orthographic concepts; however, full and immediate functionality only requires the student to learn the content contained within the "Phonetic Characters" tab. Therefore, for those seeking to immediately begin studying the system for the purpose of achieving base-level functionality as soon as possible, skipping directly to the "Phonetic Characters" tab while disregarding any of the expository material in the "Introduction" tab and/or any of the expansionary material elsewhere on the site is certainly an option. Precisely speaking, this “base-level” functionality—the exclusive use and implementation of the content in the "Phonetic Characters" tab—is what is known as the “junior script,” according to the internal nomenclature of this system.

However, should the reader intend to progress into the “senior script”—the full implementation of all the design layers inherent to the system—the author firmly recommends a thorough review of the "Introduction" tab and the development history contained therein. Armed with the knowledge of these sections, the reader is in an extremely favorable position to comprehend and make use of the rest of the material contained within this online reference.